Monday, January 31, 2011

Children with four Legs

All three of my children have four legs. This is not to say I didn't bare one with two legs, I did and she is grown. However, today I have three "kids" that are treated better than most people treat their "real" kids.

We have two cats and one dog. I have never been a cat person, always thought they were simply too independent, not at all lap cats (versus dogs), and they have a tendency to eat small rodents. I was converted one day when a small, nearly dead & emaciated cat entered my yard and looked at me with pleading eyes. I was so stunned by her sad look that I gave her a bowl of milk. I could see all her ribs, her hips and her eyes bordered on bulging from malnutrition.

After two days of feeding this small cat she brought three kittens to my door almost as a gift. Geesh, now I was the caregiver of 4 cats! I never liked cats, never wanted a cat and now there were four. We found homes for three of the kittens, and kept one because the little guy looked like a skunk in his coloring.

Today the small, skunk looking kitten has grown into a huge, stunningly beautiful long haired black cat. And did I mention that the mother is a tiny gray tabby? If I hadn't see it myself I would not have believed this big black cat and the small tabby are related!

Having always been a dog person, I had no idea how to treat or interact with a cat ~ so I treated them like dogs. Today my two cats will fetch, roll over, sit in my lap, come when called and a plethora of things typically reserved for dogs. They are named Miss Kitty and Krazy Kat respectively. Krazy is and always has been MY cat as he doesn't warm to men very well. He completely intimidates my husband because Krazy is not above biting when displeased ~ he wouldn't dare bite me as I am the Alpha Female and he knows it! Miss Kitty on the other hand is anyone's cat ~ all she cares about is the food bowl (she knows what hunger feels like and isn't about to go there again).

They say or I've read that cats are nocturnal animals. I simply refuse to believe it. Our two cats always find a place on our bed to sleep at night ~ all night, and there are mornings I have a very difficult time extricating myself out of bed so as not to disturb three animals!

Our dog Louise is a 10 pound Peek-a-poo that everyone mistakes as a Shitzu. We call her the Velcro dog because she is the antithesis of a lap dog! Louise is a lover, and a licker. I swear her tongue is the size of a great dane's and it's hard to imagine it actually fits into her mouth.

We are trained by our three animals. Each has a distinct  personality and their needs are communicated differently. We've tried to find someone to house/pet sit so we can vacation together but have failed on all accounts. So we've resigned ourselves to separate vacations. Some would say this is going too far but we maintain that we took these animals to care for, and that we do.

I want to come back in another life as a pet in my house!

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  1. Visiting from UEF, and read this post first. It's beautiful. Will be back to read some more.


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