Sunday, January 30, 2011

Crafters don't put your eggs in One Basket!

As a selling crafter/artist, over the years I've become acutely aware that putting all my eggs in one basket is a recipe for disaster!  I sold my wares on Ebay for years with a modicum of success.  I spent bunches of money in listing fees, photograph fees, and FV addition to my PayPal fees.  When Ebay made big changes in their fee structure I simply left with hat in hand.

Today I sell handmade mosaic tiles on Etsy and most recently I've added an ArtFire store to my basket  I'm relatively new to Etsy as a seller but was an on again off again buyer.  I've been on Etsy as a seller for less than six months and have not been able to stock my store inventory commensurate with making loads of sales....but that's all changing in 2011! However I was pleased with my sales on Etsy given my inventory to sales ratio.

My goal is to have 100 items in my Etsy store and 100 items in my ArtFire store.  2010 personally was a very bad year for me yet I have started 2011 with optimism and verve!  I will shameless promote my stores, market my butt off, and promote in every area that is relevant to what I do.

The bottom line for fellow crafters/artisans who want to sell online is the following: Targe and focus your promotions where they will do you the most good. I for one hate Twitter and FB as my experience has led me to believe they are a waste of time given what I sell.  Blogging, owning a website and constantly keeping it fresh will increase your SEO efforts. Open another store so as not to have all your eggs in one basket (be it a BM or Internet). And most importantly...don't forget to keep on keeping on where you craft is concerned.  Don't lose site of what it is that makes you money ~ keep your creative juices going, don't let all the online forum negative crap creep into your mind and enjoy what you are doing!

Today I will ignore the nay-sayers, turn on the tunes and break some plates! Ciao for today.

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