Sunday, January 30, 2011

I hate the Grocery Store!

Think about it, almost everyone shopping in the Grocery store drove there! We are in the United States, we drive on the right side of the street - always!

I am a literal person, OCD in fact. When I am forced to shop I maneuver my cart on the right side of the isle and walk  to the left if there is something I need. Not so with my fellow shoppers. Am I the only lucky person to be put in the position of barking "excuse me" just to remove myself from the grocery traffic jam?

My husband loves to shop, and he really loves when I accompany him ~ so I can witness his coupon and price match prowess. Needless to say his favorite shopping venue is a Walmart Super Center! This is utter agony for me as Walmart shoppers are the worst. We're talking NASCar shopping. The carts are huge for a family of 14 to fill with groceries and sundry. I once went to a Walmart Super Center alone and the stress built to the extent that I left a half-full cart in the store and drove home!

I hate to seem like a curmudgeon, and I do understand that leaving kids locked in a car isn't a good thing, but they intimidate the hell out of me in the grocery store! They whine and cry, they hang off the sides of carts, they push carts and I'm always lucky to get hit in by one.

I'd also like to address the shoppers who are talking on their cell phones and completely oblivious to anyone. Who I ask, who is so important that they can't grocery shop without a phone? I remember the days when our telephone hung on the wall in the kitchen!

As Kid Rock says, "we were doing crazy things, smoking funny things" is how I feel after a grocery outing. The address of my favorite store is dot com.

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