Saturday, April 9, 2011

Ramblin Rose

I missed blogging yesterday due to technical difficulties (storm knocked out electricity) so today as is my Saturday norm I've compiled a beautiful treasury.

'Ramblin Rose' by crememagnolia

Romantic Getaway Weekender -...

Wonderful shabby chic hand a...

Handmade broken china Mosaic...

Pink, White and Yellow Roses...

Pink Bunny Wreath - Perfect ...

Dried Rose Pomander Ornamen...

h o n e y s u c k l e - pink...

NEW LISTING Heart Felt Roses...

In the Rose Garden - Tsumami...

Marie Antoinette Romantic So...

Cottage English Roses - 5 x ...

Lilac Rose Vegan Handmade So...

Orchid Rose Garden Tapers - ...

Shabby Rose Easter Egg Quilt...

Shabby Chic Pink Flower & Ri...

PDF 505: Layers of Ruffles C...

Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Tax time or Procrastinate Time?

Is it Tax Time or Procrastinate Time? I'm one of the latter! For whatever reason I absolutely hate putting our tax records together in some semblance of order so our accountant can make sense of it. I look for reasons, any kind of reason to put off until the last very minute dragging out the scraps of paper that comprise our tax return.

Every year I vow to keep better records, and every year I spend hours digging through envelopes, files and computer just to submit a coherent, accurate return. I know I miss deductions but I figure if I'm ever audited I can add them later. It's sort of a tax savings account...just in case.

This is one annual task that is totally within my purview and my husband just doesn't get my procrastination. He doesn't understand why January 1st I'm not diligently working on our taxes. It's hard to explain so I don't even try...I just keep making excuses.

Yes I've already filled out my planner, compiled my papers and sent everything to my accountant but I really doubt the return can be completed in time. Geesh, you would think that since we have a few extra days this year I would/could make the deadline. But there is the fact that my account DOES have other clients.

So it is with this blog this morning that I urge my fellow procrastinators to get off your duff, drag out those deduction scraps and put them to work! I did it.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What I can live with and without during a Storm

This week our area suffered torrential rain storms and tornado's which caused us to be without electricity for many hours. During this time it gave me pause to think about all the things I could live with and without (more the latter than the former).


I am a coffe'aholic and readily admit to being a coffee snob. Since I'm the only one in the house that drinks coffee I think it's one indulgence we can afford. Without electricity coffee isn't possible.

I am addicted to my heating pad. It gets my sore bone going in the morning; soothes my muscles in the evening and anytime I'm cold I crank up the heating pad. No electricity, no heating pad!

The microwave is one if not my most favorite kitchen appliances since it is the the largest needed appliance to heat up my coffee. I rarely use it for anything else! Alas, no electricity no coffee no need for a microwave.

While my computer (laptop) has power when it's out in the rest of the house, if I have no Internet access I nearly develop a case of the vapors! Think about it, no news, no checking my Etsy Store, no gazing at my PayPal account and no blogging! I can live without the television but the computer with Internet access is almost more than I can stand...and I didn't have access for almost two days!


I can live without television and don't even have a problem with lights (we do have a stockpile of candles) but given that I love to do laundry, that's out too!

Electricity literally controls the things I can't live without - or better said,the things I love. What did people do before Internet, heating pads, coffee pots and microwaves? I remember when we didn't have these things but that didn't make the hours tick away any faster.

All I can say is that when all my "loves" came back to me I was a very happy woman.

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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Dogs and Cats are like Children

My husband just got home from a vacation in Oregon. Notice I said "HE" just went on vacation and not "WE" went on vacation? Due to the fact that we have two cats and a dog, all with distinct personalities and quirks, someone has to stay home with the "kids."

We actually tried to find someone to house/pet sit two months before the Oregon trip but all the applicants bowed out when they met our pets!

We have one cat that lives to go outside - 300 times a day. She is mentally ill in that she wants in and out between snacks - which occurs from the time everyone wakes up on the morning until we go to bed.


Our second cat has no front claws and cannot go outside. However, he is black, stealthy and likely to fool an inexperienced "sitter." Since we open the door 300 times a day for the mentally ill cat there is a very high likelihood that he make make his way out the door. He also tends to spend his nights howling if anything changes in his world. Typically it's when I'm not around.

The little dog is quite another story. We call her the Velcro dog! She weighs 9 pounds and if there is a lap to be had she's in it! She also watches television - I mean really watches it. That means that if she sees a dog or cat (and you would not believe how many they are in commercials and network television in general) she launches into a barking frenzy! We've tried everything to break this annoying habit but she just loves to watch television.

So as quirky as our animals are, no one is up to the task of taking care of them while WE are on vacation!

It's really too bad because I'm going to Mexico in June and my husband has to stay home with the KIDS!


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Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools Day!

Well here it is April, and April Fools day at that. It also happens to be my 20 something wedding anniversary! So I was thinking, what could I do in my CremeMagnolia Etsy Store that would be a great celebration for the month of April? I was in the shower and it came to me! I am offering a lay-away plan for all my antiques and photography! Don't know why I never thought of it before.

I have loads of traffic in my store (well March was a great month)and I feel that during these times, while shoppers may want to buy, money might be tight. So I'm offering a plan that will allow buyers to pay for their purchases in three easy payments through PayPal! My antique plates and photography are great gifts and we have Graduations and Mother's Day coming up. All the buyer needs to do is Convo me that they want to Lay-away and it's a done deal!

Here are some examples of what is offered in my CremeMagnolia Etsy Store!






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