Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What I can live with and without during a Storm

This week our area suffered torrential rain storms and tornado's which caused us to be without electricity for many hours. During this time it gave me pause to think about all the things I could live with and without (more the latter than the former).


I am a coffe'aholic and readily admit to being a coffee snob. Since I'm the only one in the house that drinks coffee I think it's one indulgence we can afford. Without electricity coffee isn't possible.

I am addicted to my heating pad. It gets my sore bone going in the morning; soothes my muscles in the evening and anytime I'm cold I crank up the heating pad. No electricity, no heating pad!

The microwave is one if not my most favorite kitchen appliances since it is the the largest needed appliance to heat up my coffee. I rarely use it for anything else! Alas, no electricity no coffee no need for a microwave.

While my computer (laptop) has power when it's out in the rest of the house, if I have no Internet access I nearly develop a case of the vapors! Think about it, no news, no checking my Etsy Store, no gazing at my PayPal account and no blogging! I can live without the television but the computer with Internet access is almost more than I can stand...and I didn't have access for almost two days!


I can live without television and don't even have a problem with lights (we do have a stockpile of candles) but given that I love to do laundry, that's out too!

Electricity literally controls the things I can't live without - or better said,the things I love. What did people do before Internet, heating pads, coffee pots and microwaves? I remember when we didn't have these things but that didn't make the hours tick away any faster.

All I can say is that when all my "loves" came back to me I was a very happy woman.

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  1. It is a bit scary how dependent we are on electricity, and that is powered by the utility company. I would sorely miss the computer too.

  2. In an emergency, you can make coffee on a propane grill, or propane stove! It is a lifesaver. You may also want to get a generator! We have one, with our area being susceptible to the occasional hurricane. The grill, propane stove, and generator have saved us many times!

  3. The coffee and the internet would have killed me! We were without power here for almost a week after our last big hurricane... I packed up the kiddos and headed to my SIL's, I couldn't stand it! Sadly, such a city girl I am...

  4. Oh, I can relate so well:) I must have my coffee, heating pad and the internet too.

  5. I can relate, too! Coffee and microwave...and not daring to open the refrigerator or freezer while the electricity are out is tough for me!!

    At least my netbook is battery powered! :)

    The best part of the electricity going out are the candles and quiet! :)

    Great meeting you on Etsy!


  6. Ugh, losing the internet is the worst! I feel like I lost a limb when I can't get online.

  7. Coffee- check
    Computer- check
    Fridge- check
    I hate that I'm so dependent on power!

  8. I definitely need my coffee in the morning!I'd miss the Internet but no TV would be a blessing ;)

  9. Here in the Carolinas a lot of people lost power too but, fortunately, we weren't one of them. However, my husband and I were driving home from North Carolina yesterday and the car started getting pummelled by hail stones!

    I love the internet too. When I'm doing housework I take frequent breaks at the computer for Facebook, etsy, e-mail, etc. It really makes it more bearable to have to clean!



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