Thursday, April 7, 2011

Tax time or Procrastinate Time?

Is it Tax Time or Procrastinate Time? I'm one of the latter! For whatever reason I absolutely hate putting our tax records together in some semblance of order so our accountant can make sense of it. I look for reasons, any kind of reason to put off until the last very minute dragging out the scraps of paper that comprise our tax return.

Every year I vow to keep better records, and every year I spend hours digging through envelopes, files and computer just to submit a coherent, accurate return. I know I miss deductions but I figure if I'm ever audited I can add them later. It's sort of a tax savings account...just in case.

This is one annual task that is totally within my purview and my husband just doesn't get my procrastination. He doesn't understand why January 1st I'm not diligently working on our taxes. It's hard to explain so I don't even try...I just keep making excuses.

Yes I've already filled out my planner, compiled my papers and sent everything to my accountant but I really doubt the return can be completed in time. Geesh, you would think that since we have a few extra days this year I would/could make the deadline. But there is the fact that my account DOES have other clients.

So it is with this blog this morning that I urge my fellow procrastinators to get off your duff, drag out those deduction scraps and put them to work! I did it.


  1. Good luck, so complicated. We have a celebration dinner when it is over.

  2. Ha, ha, beat you to it:):) Well, hubby did anyway:)

  3. It's not's hubby who procrastinates!

  4. I usually get mine done asap. But, perhaps not so bad that you are procrastinating because there my be gov't shutdown and the IRS will be close which means delays on tax returns. So.. just take your time.. I mean if they shut down can't you too??

  5. I hear you!
    I JUST finished our taxes this past weekend.
    I like Maggie's idea of a celebration dinner...though a refund check would rock, too!


  6. duly noted, this is the latest I have ever been.

  7. oh I did manage to get the taxes done last weekend but I was kicking and screaming doing it!


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