Wednesday, March 30, 2011

April Customer Appreciation

As March comes to an end, most of us are thinking about what we can do to increase business in April; and what, if anything we can do to show appreciation to our customers.

I deeply discounted my store for the month of March because I wanted to attract new business and establish repeat customers. Obviously as a business person I can't do that every month. I've wracked my brain trying to decide what I want to do for the month of April. I think it's important for customers to feel like they are getting something along with a good price. Everyone likes a good sale, right? It's important to state that my inventory is not expensive, the highest priced item is less than $20 unlike some who have a much higher price point.


So this morning I thought I would put it to my readers...what, if anything do you intend to offer for the month of April, and your justification for doing so. I've only been a seller on Etsy for seven months and I'm still wading around discounts and coupons. I would love to hear from you dear reader. If you are not going to offer a sale/coupon for April I'd like to know about that also.

I had planned to pen another subject this morning but this quandary has been rattling around my brain for some days now. Have a wonderful selling day and blog on dear reader!

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  1. What if u did "spend X, get Y half off or free"? Whether its buy a certain # of items or if its spend a certain amount.... I'm not yet at the point where I've given my thought on sales... this first month of my shop being open I just gave free shipping.. may continue it for a while! Hope to see other people with their ideas and input as well!! :)

  2. I have neglected my shops lately. But at one point did a giveaway, which attracted a lot of people to my shop. It wasn't a pre-designated giveaway. I told people they could go to my jewelry shop and pick a necklace of their choice, then post it in my blog comments section. A winner was picked at the end of the month. This forced them to check out all items in my necklace section. Since they got to pick, lots of people stopped by:):) I got a few sales out of it.

  3. I have been neglecting my shop as well. After I'm all moved into my studio, then I can concentrate on the shop, new photos, and promos!

  4. good question. as a shopper, i like feeling like i'm getting a good deal or a bonus or something. Maybe you could offer a free gift along with purchase?

  5. I'm working on putting together a newsletter for my customers. I'd like to offer free shipping or something to my returning customers.

  6. I know that my business has increased every month since January and March income is 3x that of Feb. It tells me that customers want quality and a good deal. For some reason Free Shipping scares me and I really don't know why... I'll still put my thinking cap on for a creative coupon for april.


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