Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Using Google Analytics to your Advantage Three

It's often asked, "when is the best time to list items in my store?" The simple answer is that Google Analytics will tell you what time you have the most traffic! Knowing the best times to list will save you both time and money but most importantly increase your sales.

My how time flys

To find this information from your GA dashboard, on the right side click on Visitors, then scroll down to Visitor Trending, then Visits. Once you are at the Visits screen in the top right hand side of the screen there (just under the date) is "Graph by" and four little icons.

Click on the first icon which is a little clock. A graph will appear showing you what times you have the most visits to your shop. If you hover over a specific time it will also tell you how many visits! Viola, you now have good information as to when to list new items in your store!

PS..the cool thing is that you can add this report to your dashboard by clicking the icon at the top of the screen (export, email, add to dashboard).

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  1. Just found your blog through the etsy blog team!

    Thanks for sharing this info - GA can be a bit confusing and even though I have it, I rarely check it. But after reading this and the past few posts, I'm going to start using it to my advantage. :)

  2. This is something I need to be more consistent with. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. Just found your blog through the etsy blog team!
    Great post!
    Thanks for the info!

  4. This was so helpful! I automatically want to list on Monday morning and was pretty sure that wasn't the best time for me. I'm checking it out!

  5. These posts make me feel intellectualy challenged....
    I know I said I'd catch up....but I haven't....

  6. Thank you for the GA info, very useful:)

  7. This is such a great tip! GA seems like a wonderful tool - but so much about it is still foreign to me. Thank you!!

  8. I'm so glad everyone has enjoyed the info about GA. It's such a huge tool that most of us don't know how much there is to see and know. I hope these posts have really helped other sellers grow their business using GA.


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