Sunday, March 27, 2011

Silent Sunday

Since I am involved in my very first giveaway I thought I would be silent today and give everyone a chance to register for the Limited Addition 16x20 fine art print! The winner will be announced on April 1 -- my wedding anniversary BTW!

Hosted by Singing Three Little Birds


There are several other Fine Art Prints in my CremeMagnolia Etsy Store that are currently marked 25% off! Please check them out!


  1. April Fool's Day is a good day to have an anniversary :) My Hubby proposed to me on this day, 6 years ago. Hope you enjoy your special day!

  2. April Fool's is a special day in our house! Thats when we told our Everyone that we were expecting our little boy :)! Great Giveaway!

  3. Beautiful print! Happy anniversary to you and your husband.


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