Monday, March 7, 2011

Guilt by Association

This may be what some consider another "rant" blog but I hope it serves as a valid point and warning; who you associate with is a direct reflection on you.

Since Etsy began their forum migration to teams there have been several (probably more than I know about) spin-off groups that are clearly anti-Etsy, their policies and the ultimate changes. While I as a seller haven't been a fan of some changes, I CHOOSE to remain a seller on Etsy. I market myself as an Etsy seller, it's prominently displayed on my blog, Facebook fan page, Twitter and of course word of mouth.

This morning I took a little stroll around the Internet and the Teams on Etsy and to my horror I found dissident groups all complaining about Etsy. The Internet is now host to several independent Etsy "gripe sites" and I've checked out a few. What is truly horrifying to me, some of my fellow bloggers are carrying the advertising or buttons of these groups on their blog pages. Why? Why would any existing seller on Etsy want their customers, followers and potential followers to click on a button that is going to land them on venomous anti-Etsy sites?

My father used to say, "be careful who you associate with, because you will always be guilty by the association." Lesson learned!

I follow hundreds of blogs and have seen no less than six different anti-Etsy buttons under the guise of "informative" or "another option." I suggest that we as bloggers and sellers on Etsy be VERY careful with whom we advertise or associate. Judgement is a hard thing to quantify as it can be something as simple as syntax or as dramatic as associations that shoot ourselves in the foot of sales.

My message today is to be very careful when advertising or offering opinions of others where you have no control. If you link to a site that is rife with opinion, I might think twice about the relationship...but that's just my opinion.


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  1. I hear what you say - I think the outcropping of many of these are from the high level of sheer frustration people are having over the lack of accountablility and constant flux that has been occuring at Etsy.While I do not blog or button YET I have just had to deal with their legal and customer service departments and I am finding a complete lack of help. I solved my problem in 5 minutes - I am going on day 5 waiting for some one from Etsy to get back to me. My letter was signed "Love,Etsy" which would be great if I were a twelve year old girl. I think that's 5 days too long. Can you imagine a customer of yours waiting 5 days for an answer? Probably not.I also cannot imagine someone who depends on their shop for their lively hood waiting 5+ days for an answer after being shut down.People are trying to raze some effort or reaction from Etsy because the normal channels haven't worked and the level of highly publisized "oops " moments has risen ( coral gate, card gate, wedding dress debacle and the soon to be Orglamix debacle bubbling over today) . I don't agree with airing your dirty laundry - but I think when people have had enough - people have had enough.

  2. I agree with you, CremeMagnolia! On the one hand, I think that vendors and buyers can and should express their frustrations. Criticism-constructive criticism-can only help make Etsy better. But I have seen some absolutely venomous stuff out there. I tend to think that if Etsy has offended someone so much, time and time again, then why not move on to another venue for selling? There are so many other options! No need to spew hate, just move on!

  3. Frankly I agree with you both, however, I've seen some hate websites and because I follow so many blogs I have seen their bottons on well meaning, hard working Etsy sellers.

    There are certainly problems with Etsy and their customer service lacks immediacy which is not good. And NO I can't imagine a customer waiting 5 days for ANYTHING!

    The point of my blog is to raise awareness of what/who is out there and to be very careful about associating with anyone who is going to sully a good reputation.

    Thank you very much for your comments!

  4. While I haven't been happy with the forum migrations (at all!!) I still will stand behind etsy.

    It has been a great venue for me to sell my jewelry, and I can mention etsy to almost anyone and they know and trust the site. Any large company is sure to have it's complainers! I do agree that it is not best for a seller to openly criticize the sales venue, there are other options and if one is not satisfied with etsy they can easily move on.

    -Brittany, your new follower from EBT!

  5. I have always believed the notion of guilty by association. I'm a follower from EBT. :)

  6. I have seen people "whining" about Etsy for as long as I have been on (4 years) they are usually upset because they arent making the kind of money they thought they would. I like you choose to use Etsy as a venue, and accept their changes as part of that use. Etsy's goal is not to make you rich, they too are running a business and will likely keep doing so. I am in full support of free speech, but like you will choose not to associate my Etsy shop with anti-Etsy sites, I think that is just counter productive in general. Great post!

  7. I agree - talking Etsy down can only hurt my business - and I prefer to avoid negativity.

    I assume positive intent, that Etsy is making changes with the plan to grow - and not to fail!

  8. Many people have a difficult time with change but change is inevitable. Staying positive and making the change work is the path I choose to take.


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