Thursday, February 17, 2011

Antique Collections for the Ages

I love antiques of all kinds. I especially love collections that have a special place in my home or complement another collection. Many years ago I was introduced to antique promotional calendar plates. A century ago companies would give their customers calendar plates to promote their businesses throughout the year. Companies such as grocery, hardware stores, banks, liquor distributors and the like were some who used plates as promotional items.

When the European china makers migrated to the United States they settled in the Ohio River Valley because there was an abundance of raw materials with which to make their china wares. Many of the plates that remain in existence today are from well known makers such as Taylor Smith & Taylor, Limoges, and the like.

I've listed some of my favorite plates in my Etsy Store because you can only have so many things...and more things I don't need at this stage of my life. All are for sale and I've listed them for well below their value. Imagine owning a calendar plate that is 100+ years old?

This is one of my favorites from the Old Rose Distillery and is 101 years old!


The ever popular Gibson Girl (and hard to find) was also made in 1910


This beautiful and flawless green and floral plate is 102 years old, imagine that!


These three plate are simply a representation of all the plates I have listed in my store. Own a piece of Americana and check them out! Go to CremeMagnolia's Store On Etsy to find more great collections!


  1. So beautiful! I love the one with the calender on it.

  2. So interesting! I happened to come across this article on how to repair cracked china using milk incase any of your need mending...!5760629/use-heated-milk-to-repair-your-cracked-china

  3. Wow, its amazing that they have survived for so long. Especially considering how fragile they are. Nice post. Thanks for sharing. Off to check out your shop.
    Norma G.
    Etsy Blog Team


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