Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What can I live with and without?

As I was making coffee this morning it occurred to me that there are things in my life I can live with and without. As life and needs change the list also changes. I thought I would document first what I can't live without and then what life has taught me I can live without.

Coffee ~ if made right, it's nearly orgasmic! I am a coffee snob and freely admit it. I never order coffee in a restaurant, unless I know the bill for two is going to be over $100 because I know they use good beans. I use a French press, good fresh beans, and creme with no sugar. I actually wake up on the morning thinking about that first cup of coffee ~ before I even make the first potty run of the day!

My heating pad is proudly on the back of my favorite chair (including ottoman). Granted, I've not been crafty and made a pretty cover for it, but I don't care ~ the heating pad stays where it is. Once I was on a business trip and my heating pad shorted-out and blew all the circuits in the suite. I really didn't care about the circuits, I knew the resort maintenance crew could fix that; I was freaking that it was eleven p.m., and there was a possibility I was going to have my first cuppa-joe sans heating pad on my poor aching back. I hopped in my car and finally found an open Walgreen's in a neighboring town. To my joy I found one exactly like the dead one back in my suite. At that time of my life I traveled 300 days a year and I learned to always have a back up.

After my forced retirement, I found out I could live without a smart phone. Housekeeping is my only responsibility why do I need a smart phone? I no longer have over 200 people to manage in 5 states; have multiple email accounts streaming into my phone; text like a banshee; or manage my life minute by minute on a calendar. Today I am the proud owner of a plain old flip phone with no whistles or bells ~ and I rarely check my voice mail! I CAN live without a smart phone!

My car has gadgets and capabilities that I haven't even discovered how to use yet. My navigation system at one time was my best friend. I found out I can live without upgrading my GPS quarterly as I know where the grocery store is without a voice telling me where to turn. And by the way, my system allows me to change the voice from male to female voice. One day it occurred to me, I didn't pay an exorbitant amount of money for my car to have a man tell me what to do! Out came the owners manual and I now have a very nice lady giving the orders.

That's it for today, tomorrow I'll add a link to a site where I am to be a featured artist! Ain't life grand?


  1. This is a great post and gave me a chuckle this morning! I can't live without hot tea (the subject of my post today). I'm your newest follower!


  2. I too cannot do without my heating pad... and my theracane... and dark chocolate peanut butter candy cakes...

  3. Love your post I agree with Annette, my tea is what I can not live without. Looking forward to seeing your feature tomorrow.


  4. I love reading your posts!! You always make me smile and realize that maybe I need to change a few things too.

    Coffee - I'm not a snob, but I do need it every morning. I have a "flax" bag that I heat in the microwave and take to bed with me in the winter. Couldn't live without that either. Have no idea what a smart phone is, guess I don't need one either :) As for gadgets - my school bus doesn't have any. Not even a radio.

    Have a great day!!

  5. From the Twitter tree: watercolorsNmore.etsy
    Interesting and certainly have lots of value what we can do without. You've made me stop and THINK, THANKS.



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