Friday, February 11, 2011

Birds Fly South for the Winter

When I was a child...well as an adult too, I always heard the term, "birds fly south for the winter." Being the literal person I am, I always wondered where "south" is? South could mean any number of places from wherever we lived at the time. I went to 13 schools in 12 years so you can imagine my quandary as to where "south" actually was.

Currently my husband, two cats and dog live in North Mississippi, just outside Memphis. We live on a small lake and are a stones-throw from what is know as the Mississippi Delta where rice and soybeans are grown. During the winter the Delta is void of crops but is very flat and holds tons of water when it rains.

I was meeting my husband for lunch one afternoon and the trip took me through the Delta where I saw thousands of birds in the fields. Ducks, Cormorants, Geese, Harrons and sundry birds I couldn't recognize. Our lake is full of little ducks and harrons flying over like the kings of the water.

Last week, early in the morning I saw a HUGE owl perched on a limb just off my deck and I couldn't get the binoculars fast enough! When I say huge I mean Jinormous!

It was at that moment that I realized I live in the SOUTH! I LIVE where the birds fly for the south! OMG, after 40 odd years I finally found out where the birds fly for the south.

This post just might be a little too literal for the average reader but I guess my OCD thinking kicked in this morning.

Ciao for now!


  1. Nice post!

    From Etsy Blog Team

  2. You made me smile this morning!

  3. I lived in Idaho my entire childhood and when I married and moved to Phoenix, I remember calling my Mom and telling her, "Now I know where all of the birds go when they fly south!" It's nice to know I'm not the only person who thinks that literally... :)

  4. I always had a problem understanding "the rain in spain falls mainly in the plain" until I learned in school that there was plane and plain. I always pictured rain coming down on the passengers.

    Not to mention "bridge ices BEFORE road"...


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